9 AUTISM In Girls Traits (YOU Need To Notice)

3 End Of Day Meltdowns

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When an autistic female is masking all day at the end of the day once they come home they may feel so overwhelmed that everything that they have been hiding all day will come out in a meltdown.

4 Obsessive Collection

May be an image of text that says '4) Obsessive Collection People on the autism spectrum typically have an obsessive interests (buttons, airplanes, sharks, pandas, trucks, cars, shoes, characters, etc). Girls on the spectrum can take it a step further, having a collective type of obsession on an interest they're really into. They may collect everything from this interest, like teddy bears, books, hats, trinkets, shells and etcetera'

Autism in girls will often that she would self as being a collective type of obsession of a genre they are really into it and they will collect everything.

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