7 Signs of Breast Cancer Women Often Ignore

3. Change in Size and Skin Texture

10 Health Problems Indicated By Sudden Change In Skin Texture

Changes in the size of your breast could be the result of hormonal shifts. However, if it isn’t normal for you, don’t hesitate to seek a medical opinion.

Additionally, if the appearance of your skin has changed in some way, you will want to see a doctor. It might resemble the texture of an orange peel, or it could dimple instead.

2. An Inverted Nipple

File:Breastfeeding - Inverted Nipple.png - Wikipedia

A nipple that pulls inward is called an inverted nipple. While all nipples are different, and some are naturally inverted, it’s worth seeking a medical opinion to be safe. If yours wasn’t inverted before, but suddenly changed, you’ll want to make an appointment right away.

Abnormal redness or having a rash on your breast or around the nipple is a red flag. If it goes away quickly, there’s likely no cause for concern. However, if it remains, you’ll want to consult your doctor.

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