7 Signs of Breast Cancer Women Often Ignore

When you notice something abnormal on your body, it’s easy to dismiss it and assume it’ll go away on its own. However, it’s essential to your health that you address each indication of something being amiss immediately. Ignoring issues with your body could cause you to miss some of the signs of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer is the second-highest killer of women worldwide and the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. An eighth of all women in the USA will develop it throughout their life, with almost a quarter of a million new cases last year alone. With that being the case, ignoring the signs could be deadly.

Aside from lung cancer, breast cancer kills more women than any other cancer. Women over the age of fifty are more at risk, but 5% of cases occur in women under 40.

Men are not exempt from breast cancer either, but it only affects about one in 833 men in the United States. With women having a much higher risk, women must know the warning signs and have information regarding early detection and survival rates.

Seven Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

If you recognize the warning signs of cancer in yourself, don’t panic before getting medical guidance. These symptoms are merely a guide to help you understand when something might be amiss with your health.

7. Lumps in Your Breasts

Benign breast lumps - MyDr.com.au

Breast tissue is naturally bumpy, but harder lumps or ones different from the rest are signs. Likewise, if the area feels other than before, it could indicate cancer. If you notice any change, see a health care provider right away.

It could be a benign breast condition, or it could be a sign of cancer. You don’t want to ignore the change and risk worsening conditions.

6. Redness or a Rash

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Abnormal redness or having a rash on your breast or around the nipple is a red flag. If it goes away quickly, there’s likely no cause for concern. However, if it remains, you’ll want to consult your doctor.

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